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2022-2031 Election District Zip Codes (Digital) (ZIP5)

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This complete set of California residential ZIP Codes on Excel files shows the 2022-2031 California Reapportionment, includes Assembly, Senate and Congressional Districts.

If you want to know what city(s), county(s) and zip codes are included in any election district, this product will show you.

If you have a zip code, this product will show you the city(s), county(s) and election district(s) the zip resides within.  Sort districts by, ZIP code, city, or county. Note that Some ZIP code boundaries cross election district lines.  Knowing an address' zip code lets you determent its election district with about 95% accuracy.  To improve accuracy, you can purchase our zip+4 (9 digit zip) flash drive.

Provided in spreadsheet format (Excel) and delivered to you by email.