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GovBuddy ESSENTIALS Individual Plan - Our NYS Legislature Website

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All the legislative information in our Pocket Directory of the New York Legislature, continuously updated throughout the year. 

  • Includes a weekly email listing any legislative changes we've heard about that week.

Desktop features include:

  • State Legislator contact information, including emails, addresses and phone & fax numbers for each office.
  • Social media accounts including Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and now Instagram.
  • Legislator Staff with email and office phone & fax numbers. Separate "quick-lookup" lists of schedulers and chiefs of staff.
  • Brief Legislator bios with links to official bios and Wikipedia listings, as well as our own exclusive bios.
  • Committees & Committee Staff with emails, phone numbers, meeting times and addresses.
  • New York's US Congress delegation with contact information, staff, brief bios and committees.
  • Quick lists of schedulers and chiefs of staff.
  • Interactive district maps let you zoom in to street level or zoom out to state level.
  • Printable b&w district maps (pdf).
  • District locator that allows you to enter an address and determine the Assembly, Senate, and Congressional districts for that address.
  • District voter registration and most recent election results (pdf).
  • Links to campaign finances and to official biography.
  • "Your Notes:" You can add your own private notes to each legislator's profile! No one but you, the subscriber, will be able see "YOUR NOTES."
  • Bill Search: It's not just about contacts anymore. Dive deep with integrated bill search functions.