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GovBuddy is a better way to contact Legislators.

Comprehensive legislative directory

Add notes under each legislator

Maps With Election-District Overlays

Our security features

Easy with Mobile Apps

Comprehensive legislative directory

Most Up-to-date Contact Information in a Legislative Directory

Our proprietary software and approaches keep the information in GovBuddy updated throughout the year. Our staff verifies changes before we publish them


Leverage Your Team

Use GovBuddy to harness the benefits of teamwork. Select an issue, invite team members, and coordinate advocacy efforts. Include other advocates, as well as PR, Legal and other functions as appropriate. Identify key legislators, legislator staff and committee staff. Track which team members are talking to them and what they are saying. Tag bills to track as they move through the legislature.

Map with election-district overlay

Interactive District Maps and District Locator

Maps with election district overlays allow you to see where a district is within the state and identify surrounding districts. Then you can zoom in to street level to find a specific location and determine where it is in its district. You can even put an address into our district locator to find the Assembly, Senate and Congressional districts for that address, with the names of representatives.

Our security features

We keep your data Safe & Secure

You need to unify the work of government relations, risk management, corporate communications, and more. In the Govbuddy issues management system, GR alerts the team when new bills are proposed, PR posts current talking points, legal assesses the risk, and the entire team keeps their contacts, meetings, and notes in one place. Request a demo and see for yourself.


Easy Access whenever and wherever you go

Saves you time by putting alerts in the palm of your hand. It makes you more productive by letting you log actions, add contacts, and take notes without being tied to a computer.

App is not yet updated to provide collaborative features, which are only available on the GovBuddy website. Look for additional app features in 2022.

Most common questions

All of our plans are annual billing. We do not offer monthly billing.
There is no minimum. Generally speaking, if you have 4 or fewer users, you will save money with individual plans. However, even if you only have 2 or 3 users but plan to add more in the near future, you might still save money with a team plan.
No. You have to purchase either individual plans for each user or team plans for up to 20 users
You can buy a combination of a team plan and individual plans, or two team plans. If you have more than 40 users, call us for a custom quote.
Yes, you can add more users, up to 20, anytime during the subscription year. Remember that the team subscription renewal date for all users will be one year from the date your purchased your team subscription.
Yes. However, any notes or communications the former user had in the collaboration sections of GovBuddy will be lost if the user is replaced. The new user will not be able to access them.

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