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Budget Advocacy

    Presented February 15th, 2024, 10am - 12:30pm
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Location: Online Via Zoom

California’s budget process can be intimidating, even to experienced lobbyists. Our “Budget Advocacy” teaches the most important fundamentals and enables you to maximize your chances of success in that seemingly arcane world. The budget process can be scary. It can have a powerful impact on you or your client and can do wonderful or terrible things to you or for you and your client. If you are to fully prosper in the legislative arena, you must conquer your fear of the budget process. But there is good news… You don’t necessarily have to become an expert. In many, if not most instances, you simply need to achieve a basic understanding of the process. By taking our Budget seminar, you will no longer be fearful of engagement and your chances for favorable outcomes will increase, dare we say, exponentially