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Regulatory Agency Advocacy

    Presented January 26th, 2024, 2pm - 4pm
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Location: Online Via Zoom

Regulatory advocacy is an important component of government affairs strategy. California’s regulatory process is a world of its own with special rules and procedures, which regulatory advocates must know and understand in order to be effective. Many statutes are not self-executing but call on regulatory agencies for implementation. So each side may have “another bite at the apple”. If you were successful in getting an underlying statute enacted, you may still have to be concerned about your opposition attempting to limit its impact through regulatory action. And if you lost the legislative battle, you may still have an opportunity at the regulatory stage to narrow a statute’s negative effect on your client’s interest. You will find Chris Micheli’s “Regulatory Advocacy” presentation indispensable for gaining the requisite knowledge to significantly enhance the likelihood of your success in the regulatory arena.